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Simplifying Mobile Accessibility

taught by: Mark Steadman

Session Summary

Mobile accessibility can be a very difficult space to navigate. Let's make it easier to dive right in! From common terms, breakdown of application accessibility, and building up accessibility on mobile development teams, this session will help build the foundation to ensure your mobile applications are accessible.


Over the past few years mobile accessibility has started to come into the spotlight due to various litigations and the massive push by organizations for mobile users to use native applications over mobile web. The big question always asked is "Where do we start?"

This session will help make mobile accessibility simple by breaking down the reasons mobile applications need to be accessible. We will cover:

  • Common terms and features in mobile development.
  • What it takes to make an application accessible.
  • How to build a development culture of accessibility that lasts!

Practical Skills

  • Why mobile accessibility matters!
  • How to make an application accessible.
  • Building accessibility in mobile development space.