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Redefining Legal Access: Practical Insights from Legal Kiosk Implementation

taught by: Bailey Goldenbaum
co-presented by: Elliott Fontenette

Session Summary

Legal Kiosks are computers located in public spaces providing access to legal services, removing technology and transportation barriers. Experience firsthand how our accessibility features are helping reshape the justice landscape, helping people connect with legal information and services in their community.


Witness live demonstrations showcasing the kiosks' accessibility features, followed by hands-on exploration to experience their the kiosk firsthand. Discuss the optimal placement and design considerations for maximizing accessibility and impact. We conclude with an interactive call to action, empowering attendees to apply newfound insights in their own initiatives for equitable digital access.

Practical Skills

  • Gain comprehensive understanding of the design principles and key features driving the development of Legal Kiosks to ensure accessibility, inclusivity, and compliance with standards such as WCAG.
  • Explore the functionality of Legal Kiosks, including the integration of assistive technologies.
  • Engage in strategic considerations for placing legal kiosks to maximize accessibility and impact, particularly in underserved communities.