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Greenlines System for Accessible User Experience

taught by: Linda Nakasone

Session Summary

Greenlines is a tool UX designers utilize to annotate design, providing developers with guidance for creating accessible code, and serving as a reference for testers to assess compliance.


As an advocate for the “shift left” strategy, I’ve helped incorporate accessibility into the requirements and design stages of the product development life cycle by creating, standardizing, and branding a set of accessibility markers called “Greenlines” and made it available to every designer at JPMorgan Chase. To ensure utilization of Greenlines, I also designed a series of hands-on trainings for designers and informative trainings for product owners, developers, and other non-designers to promote a collaborative approach to accessibility across the product development spectrum.

Since 2022, I trained over 800 individuals in Greenlines, and I will train you as well. Join me in this session as we go into the process of Greenlining both web and native platforms (iOS and Android). Our focus will be on enhancing the user experience, particularly for those who use assistive technology and/or keyboard only.

In this training course, you will be provided with Figma’s .fig file, which we will use to Greenline both web and mobile app screen designs. You can download a free version of Figma from

Practical Skills

  • Ensure nothing is left up for misinterpretation. It's more efficient and calmer to address accessibility early in the design phase rather than dealing with them afterward.
  • Learn how to use "Greenlines" to deliver accessible design specifications to web and native app developers.
  • Drag and drop Greenlines markers into Figma to define the screen reader and keyboard-only user experiences.