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Getting Started with Accessibility and WordPress

taught by: Sumner Davenport

Session Summary

From install to launch WordPress can be the most simple platform to use to present an attractive and accessible website, even when approaching it for the first time.


If you are new to Accessibility and WordPress, don't know where to start when designing websites for your clients or are considering signing up for the Accessibility Internet Rally (smart idea) and hear that your team might be using WordPress, this is the place for you to start your learning.

  • WordPress out-of-the-box
  • Understanding your options
  • Accessibility standards and your design
  • Choosing the right theme
  • Block editors
  • Plugins
  • And more...

WordPress powers over 40% of all the websites on the internet. With understanding and good planning your native accessibility efforts can be much simpler on your WordPress bult sites.

Bring your questions and ideas.

Practical Skills

  • Understand your options.
  • Select the right theme and plugins.
  • Including and maintaining native accessibility in your work.