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Digital Accessibility Stewardship

taught by: Christina Adams

Session Summary

We have all been placed into a position of inheriting legacy systems where we struggle to make our mark to improve the user experience, design, and accessibility within these digital experiences. Digital Accessibility Stewardship is a concept where we arrive into a system that we did not build but work to leave the system better than how we inherited it from our predecessors.


Taking inspiration from an unusual industry, we'll explore 12 principles that guide our work towards Digital Accessibility Stewardship in a manageable, practical manner. Inheriting a product, program, or system is daunting especially when dealing with legacy implementations that are in drastic need of an update. The principles we will discuss through this session will provide guidance to making manageable and measurable progress towards the goal of building and maturing digital accessibility programs.

Practical Skills

  • Guidance principles to structure a digital accessibility program.
  • Practical examples of activities that build program maturity.
  • Techniques for documenting and measuring progress towards improving accessibility outcomes.