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ARRM: A Framework to Fight Accessibility Apathy

taught by: Jennifer Chadwick
co-presented by: Bill Tyler, Denis Boudreau

Session Summary

Accessibility Roles and Responsibility Mapping (ARRM) is a framework to help teams break down web accessibility requirements by role to make it easier to prioritize and remediate issues for accessibility and get tasks done.


This practical deep-dive session teaches how to break down accessibility issues and requirements by roles in the web development lifecycle, based upon the work of the Accessibility Roles and Responsibilities Mapping (ARRM) project from the W3C’s Education and Outreach Working Group (EOWG). Major ARRM concepts will be presented describing the need for assigning ownership to roles in design, development, content and project management. The process for applying this to individual projects will be covered with examples. This is followed by breakout sessions with a guided, interactive workshop with ARRM team members.

Practical Skills

  • A practical framework (team exercise) to apply to day-to-day work in accessibility.
  • Clarity within your team or department on who is doing what, when and how.
  • Ownership of accessibility responsibilities and skills to share the work and get tasks done!