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Alternative Text with AI Computer Vision

taught by: Carolyn Chesler

Session Summary

I will cover how we were able to leverage AI Computer Vision with Sitecore CMS to automate the process of adding alternative text. We learned that we increased efficiency without sacrificing quality and you can too.


I will share what I have learned about using AI Computer Vision to create alternative text. I can demonstrate how for my use case, AI alt text is more efficient without sacrificing quality.​ Technologists as well as all stakeholders will gain a stronger familiarity of AI as I provide a detailed primer to include past and present AI tools and concepts. We will compare the main types of generative AI, review a glossary of terms and include recommended coursework for study.​ ​

My case study using Computer Vision will be featured, wherein, as an accessibility ally I needed to understand how to improve the alternative text of our website. We will discuss the importance of descriptive alt text and the related WCAG guideline. Our site’s content creators add images via a popular CMS known as Site Core. A technology team added a field for alt text, however the content creators did not enter al text to satisfy the WCAG guideline we need to meet. Unfortunately, the alt text added almost never matched the image content.​ I did not know much about AI until I realized it can help with my alt text problem. I will walk you through my learning journey, selecting an AI technology fit for purpose, present the process of getting it approved, the proof of concept process and a demo of how Computer Vision Alt text works in my application with Site Core.

Practical Skills

  • The concept of using AI to produce and automate alternative text creation.
  • An AI primer including useful definitions of some leading platforms and apps.
  • Available online courses on generative AI where I learned about Computer Vision to forge a path of discovery where you can automate the process of alternative text creation at your company.