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Advanced PDF Accessibility Concepts (afternoon session)

taught by: Teenya Franklin

Session Summary


In the morning, learn advanced PDF tagging while working alongside an instructor with a sample file. In the afternoon, apply your new skills to a real world document of your choosing, with help and support from an instructor.


This course covers making complex PDF content accessible, including tables, form fields, radio buttons, and check boxes. In addition, we will discuss how to use some of the more advanced built in features to make working on longer, larger files easier and more efficient. As a final step we will demonstrate how to check your PDF for accessibility using built in and alternative automated tools.

Practical Skills

  • Table Accessibility: Proper tag structure, Header and Row scope, table summary.
  • Creating Accessible Form Fields: Text Fields, radio buttons and check boxes, which built in features to use for efficiency.
  • Managing complex documents, including the use of built in tools to efficiently check for accessibility against various conformance levels.