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Accessibility for Designers

taught by: Miranda Capra

Session Summary

This class will help web and app designers create accessible designs. It will walk through common design patterns and examples drawn from years of coaching teams on creating usable and accessible designs.


The class covers visual design, user experience design, and content writing. The design principles apply to any platform, but the class does have more web examples than native app (no PDF or software). Components discussed include cards, floating buttons, carousels, scrollbars, tables, repeated content blocks, passwords and phone numbers. How code and ARIA influence design will be mentioned but no programming knowledge is necessary. Attendees can practice applying concepts using Figma or PowerPoint, and will leave the class with a detailed design guide and links to further reading.

Practical Skills

  • Understand how to identify non-text visuals that must pass contrast checks.
  • Understand annotations to set developers up for success, including headings, order, labels, and screen reader text.
  • Understand how to write usable screen reader content for buttons, links, icons, chevrons, and paging controls.