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Use of the IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker to Check WCAG Compliance

taught by: Mary Jo Mueller

Session Summary

The IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker is an open-source tool to perform automated web testing. Learn about the many features and new upgrades designed for both web developers and test professionals.


IBM Accessibility put our design team into action to transform an IBM internal-use tool into the first release of the IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker, made available in May 2020. We have continued to improve this open-source tool since its initial release, and this class will show you the many ways the tool can make accessibility testing and remediation easier for you and your team. If you install the tool on your own computer prior to the class, you can take it for a test drive along with me. You may like it so much that you'll incorporate it into your daily accessibility practice! 
More about the Accessibility Checker:
The Accessibility Checker is offered as a Chrome and Firefox extension which integrates into the browsers’ development tools. It utilizes IBM's accessibility rules engine, which detects WCAG 2.1 accessibility issues for web-based content or applications. Our tool enables teams to rapidly complete page-level testing and helps users quickly identify the source of accessibility issues and try suggested fixes. We have created specialized views to help make the test and remediation process quicker, depending on your role:

Web developers can more easily identify issues and remediate them during unit testing.
Test professionals can more easily associate issues with WCAG requirements, to document in an Accessibility Conformance Report or to pass on to a developer as individual issues for a particular requirement. 
During this session, Mary Jo will demonstrate and explain many of the features of the Accessibility Checker so you can more effectively use our tool. You'll be given instructions to try out some of the features while you test a website on your own.

Practical Skills

  • What the IBM Equal Access Accessibility Checker is
  • Learn about many of the features of the Accessibility Checker
  • Use the Accessibility Checker to find accessibility issues in the web