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Session Summary

One of the most popular and successful of Teach Access programs, Study Away brings together students, faculty, and industry partners to explore the field of accessible technology design and development. This sussion looks at the program from the point of view of students who have participated.


Hear from students themselves what they learned and how the program has had impact on their carreer goals. College students apply to Study Away in order to learn about digital accessibility. Other goals of this learning program include:

  • Equipping students to be advocates and champions for accessibility

  • Building and expanding students’ professional networks

  • Learning about career paths in accessibility

  • Understanding work processes in the tech industry

Learn from students who particpated in 2018 and 2019 about the in-person experience and learn how studntes will be engaged remotely in response to the pandemic.

Practical Skills

  • Understand the goals of Study Away for both students and companies
  • Learn how participating companies - like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Spotify and Verizon - are benefiting from their participation in StudyAway.
  • See how the program is being delivered remotely in 2021