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Live Joe Devon Q & A followed by GAAD Watch Party

taught by: Joe Devon

Session Summary

It's GAAD's 10th Anniversary and co-founder Joe Devon is on hand to wrapu up AccessU with a brief discussion of the history of Global Accessibility Awareness Day and a peek at its future. Join Us!


Live Q & A with Joe Devon

Joe will be with us live from Las Vegas - or as live as Zoom lets us be - to engage with AccessU attendees about GAAD past and future. 20 minutes of interaction with one of the people who ramped up the global conversation about digital acessibility in a BIG way.

Video Watch Party

Gather with AccessU attendees for a webcast of Joe's plans for taking GAAD to the next level, including announcements of how the GAAD effort will ramp up, and how YOU can be involved in the evolution from awareness to action. We will gain insight and learn about the background for the big announcement from GAAD co-founders on the 10th Anniversary of this transformative event. Joe's own thinking has evolved. he will talk about the 10th anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, but also about something different. We, the accessibility community, love to cite statistics and make a business case for accessibility. But we are approaching it wrong. Our statistics are wrong. Perhaps even our definition of accessibility is wrong. In order to effect change in the communities we need to reach, we need to talk about craft rather than begging people to care about people with disabilities. Learn more during the watch party!

Practical Skills