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Get It Right the 1st Time: How to Stop 80% of your A11Y Bugs During Development

taught by: Glenda Sims
co-presented by: Harris Schneiderman

Session Summary

Are you ready to take a big leap forward in accessibility with a smart, pragmatic, and sustainable approach? Join us for a mind-opening session on how to empower your developers to efficiently test for accessibility as they code. Learn how you can drastically improve accessibility using focused automation + intelligent guided testing.


Let’s be candid, we’ve got to figure out how to get proactive about digital accessibility, or we will be forever buried in a mountain of a11y bugs. Looking deeply at WCAG audits conducted by experts over a 3 year time period, we’ve discovered an incredible insight. Automated testing can help us all far more than we’ve traditionally thought. Come see the data that led to these revolutionary insights.

And, as we all know, while automation is a valuable part of a11y testing, manual testing is absolutely required. Learn how you can empower your developers to reliably find 80% of a11y issues before they commit their code!

These new testing methods are specifically designed for developers (but are also very appealing to a11y experts, QA testers and more). Come see how intelligent guided testing on key types of accessibility issues can drastically reduce your accessibility debt.

In this session you will be able to review the data yourself, and draw your own conclusions. You can watch demos of intelligent guided tests and even try them out yourself in a hands-on breakout session.

Ready to make a profoundly positive impact? Join us!

Practical Skills

  • Understand how automated testing can find over 50% of all of your accessibility issues.
  • Learn which WCAG Success Criteria make up the vast majority of issues.
  • Explore hands-on Intelligent Guided Testing so you see how a dev with little to no a11y experience can get a11y right the first time!