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Choosing the Best Audio Description Format for your Video Content

taught by: Celia Hughes
co-presented by: April Sullivan

Session Summary

Do you know what you need before choosing an Audio Description provider or creating described videos in-house? Come to this session to learn from experienced audio describers about the difference between standard and extended audio description, and which is best for the type of visual material you are presenting. Get ahead of the game by learning what you need to do to make sure your videos are universally designed from the beginning; so audio description is built into your process, saving you both time and money!


Are you interested in making your videos accessible to viewers who are blind? Attend this class to get a general understanding of what an Audio Describer looks for in your visual content, in order to decide what type of audio description is best suited for your video. Understanding the difference between standard description and extended description will give you the knowledge you need to choose the right Audio Description provider. Watch real examples to get a sense of how good Audio Description can enhance a video and bad audio description can detract from your content.

Go one step beyond to learn how to make your videos universally accessible from the very first stages of production. Learn about the core skills used in Audio Description, as well as general principles for effective description, and decide how they can influence your narrative content in a proactive way.

Practical Skills

  • Understanding the differences between standard and extended description.
  • General principles for effective audio description.
  • Tips for hiring a describer for your projects.