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Session Summary

We've worked hard and learned so much in these couple of days - let's have some fun! Led by our smart and fun-loving friends at ArtSpark Texas, we have a few games to choose from for maximum fun - join us!



Sit around the firepit and get to know each other in Campfire, this whimsical game of trivia. When in the hot seat, you will race against the timer to answer questions, while the other campers decide your fate. Will it be the toasted marshmallow or the charred hot dog? Bring your camping chair and cooler and get ready to play! You may be next in the hot seat.   

Scavenger Hunt

You have been locked in your house for a year! You must have lots of stuff lying around, and don't you want to get up and move around? Join us for several fast-paced rounds of Scavenger Hunt. Even the minimalist can join in. We are playing on teams and accessibility will not be a barrier. Come share your most bizarre and prized possessions with us!    

Star Wars Trivia

Christopher Schmitt was our inspiration to move AccessU online. He LOVED Star Wars. In Christopher's honor we play this game: What happened to Anakin Skywalker during the battle with Count Dooku? For the Star Wars brainiacs, we have a Star Wars Jeopardy game for you! Fun and laughter guaranteed, but no guarantee against cut-throat competition and pouting! Accommodations will be made so that these games are accessible to all who want to play.