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How to Change the Culture of Developing Digital Products: Taking the GAAD Pledge

taught by: Joe Devon


Transcript of Video

Hello. My name is Joe Devon. I am co founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, as well as Diamond, a digital agency that builds inclusive, scalable software.

I’m so excited to be one of the speakers at the Jonn Slatin AccessU 2020-goes-virtual conference. Iwanted to share with you that my plan is to speak about how to change the culture of developing digital products and taking the GAAD pledge.

This is all about the fact that developers in my experience actually would love to make their products accessibie. Tney just don’t really know how, and we need to help change the culture so that they view it as something that is essential and required. And we’re making plans this year to create a GAAD pleage that will nave an impact on open source projects.

So please join us for the conference, and I hope to see you there. Thank You.

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