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Add Accessibility to Your Process the Easy-ish Way

taught by: James Green
co-presented by: Michael Grandpre, Brandon McCartney

Session Summary

How to add Accessibility to your product/process even when you don’t have time to stop. Learn the challenges and pitfalls of adopting accessibility and get started with a set of requirements and test cases written by Visa.


Finding Accessibility Not-That-Accessible to your team? Are you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or not even sure where to start? If you are hungry for help then look no further and get yourself some heaping platefuls of knowledge, tips, best practices, and inspiration! We’ll cover the basics of how people with disabilities use technology, what the basic requirements are, and how to find qualified help (how to avoid the fakers!). We’ll discuss how to evaluate YOUR users, (i.e., the members of your organization) and build a process they’ll want to adopt, as well as learn how to write custom requirements and tests that minimize stress on your team but cover all the bases (or use ours, they are done and free!). We’ll also teach you how to inspire your team and make sure they are prepared.

Practical Skills

  • The 140+ requirements and tests we wrote at Visa to make our products accessible - distilled from WCAG 2.0 to remove the need for you to be an expert.
  • How to develop a strategy for your org, find qualified help, develop your own requirements, and begin rolling accessibility into your process.
  • Tips and insights from a leader who has helped many teams through this process, seen successes and failures, and knows what it takes to make it stick.

Presentation Materials