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Deep Dive: Calibration Conversations: Linking to Promote Inclusive Technology Leadership Practices

taught by: Maggie Pickett
co-presented by: Michelle Soriano

Session Summary

Bring your district team and engage in meaningful calibration conversations. Build a collective understanding of where you are, and where you want to go in your journey to build inclusive technology and education systems.

Registered attendees may access the session materials in the Knowbility Learning Center.


Bring your district teams and get set to engage in calibration conversations. Learn how to systematically begin the process of creating and sustaining an inclusive technology and education systems using the CITES Framework. The CITES leadership practices can be approached step by step, or as a “just-in-time” resource that focuses on specific areas most needed in the district. This session will be a deep dive session focused on leadership practices essential to building inclusive technology and education systems. Teams will leave the session with a shared understanding of what it takes to build inclusive technology and education systems and a road map to get there.

Practical Skills

  • Session attendees will have the knowledge to access the products available on
  • Session attendees will engage in calibration conversations using the CITES Self-Assessment for Leadership with their district team.
  • Session attendees will identify action steps based on the metrics identified in outcome 2.