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The Other Dark Web: Testing and Remediating for High Contrast and Dark Modes

taught by: Victoria Clark


The WCAG might be in vogue, but just because you're checking all the boxes doesn't mean you aren't still leaving people out. While dark modes are growing in popularity, high contrast modes and user-based styling has been a long-time adaptive strategy for many users. And yet, many websites still don't plan for any of these users.

This presentation will review how to test for accessibility errors in high contrast and dark modes and review the common errors, such as images with transparencies, SVGs, custom form elements, and more. In addition, learn ways to address these issues using CSS remediation techniques or by tweaking the original code. And finally, the talk will end by encouraging implementation at the start of a project by providing tips and tricks for thinking in high contrast and dark mode.

Practical Skills

  • Learn the WCAG criteria that affect high contrast/dark modes
  • Test high contrast and dark modes
  • Remediate high contrast and dark modes