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Performing task-oriented accessibility walkthroughs

taught by: Sarah Pulis
co-presented by: Andrew Arch

Session Summary

Learn to perform task-oriented accessibility walkthroughs using personas to identify potential usability and accessibility issues in designs and build products.


A task-oriented accessibility walkthrough is a usability method where you pick a persona and conduct a walkthrough of common tasks as if you were that user. This method, based on the UX cognitive walkthrough method, can be used to identify potential usability and accessibility issues. You can use the task-orientedwalkthrough method on designs or on built products. It can be a quick and easy and efficient way to conduct an early review of your products, but we stress it is not a replacement for usability testing.

At the end of this class, you will be able to:

  • describe what a task-oriented walkthrough is and the benefits and pitfalls of using UX method create personas or

  • use existing personas to conduct the walkthrough identify common tasks and the steps to complete those tasks in preparation for the walkthrough

  • conduct the walkthrough and understand what to do with the results

Practical Skills

  • Understand thebenefits and pitfalls of using task-oriented walkthroughs as a tool to identify usability and accessibility issues
  • How to create personas or use existing personas for your walkthrough
  • Perform task-oriented walkthroughs using different personas