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Session Summary

What's new, what's working, where is there still work to do to make elections accessible for everyone? We'll look at the state of accessible voting in 2021 and what in the new federal voting system standards.


Making elections accessible to all is still a wicked problem in 2021. 

The goal of completely accessible elections is still a work in progress. But there is progress. Let’s talk about current work to make elections secure, accurate and accessible. Whitney brings a perspective few others have. She has been a leader in creating voting system standards for 18 years. Now as the director of the Center for Civic Design, she works with elections offices and advocacy groups around the country on everything elections, from voter registration to materials to help voters get information about elections and vote by mail.

We'll look at updates to accessibility requirements for voting systems in the new version of the federal voting system standards (VVSG 2.0) just approved in February, new accessible systems for voting by mail, a universal voting system in Los Angeles, progress in closing the turnout gap--and the many challenges that still lie ahead.

Practical Skills

  • Progress towards fully accessible voting
  • What we still need to work on
  • Why it's taking so long