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Session Summary

Panelists will share what they are looking for in new hires and what future careers in accessibility look like.


As corporate efforts to deliver on commitments to diversity and inclusion have grown, too often they overlook disability as a marginalized group that must be proactively recruited. This panel will discuss what has been left out of D&I efforts and how Teach Access is helping to bridge the gap. Industry accessibility leaders will showcase resources as they discuss what is needed to move accessibility hiring forward in their organizations. Panelists will share how they identify needed skills among new hires and how they keep their process open for people of all abilities. We will explore the recently released TA Accessibility Skills Hiring Toolkit, a resource to help companies build internal capacity to hire and retain a knowledgeable and skilled workforce and we will share other best practices.

Practical Skills

  • How disability fits into the diversity and inclusion effort.
  • Identify barriers to disability inclusion and learn how Teach Access addresses them.
  • Learn about resources to help companies tap into an underused staffing source and to recruit, hire, and retain taleneted staff with disabilities