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Do This, Not That: Lessons in React Remediation

taught by: Amy Carney

Session Summary

This session showcases React components that were pushed to production without accessibility in mind, and walks through possible solutions for remediation.


The web accessibility auditor has left the building and left a rather large list of Jira tickets in their wake. It’s time for the remediator to come in and evaluate the React crime scene. The hard work begins in:

  • finding a solution that fits time and budget,

  • navigating an organization’s codebase and code rules, refactoring components, and

  • detangling imports or third-party packages.

Walk in a remediator’s shoes to learn from the mistakes developers have made in production. Discuss why components are or aren’t accessible and possible solutions to resolve accessibility fails within given restraints. Spoiler: there is often more than one solution.

Practical Skills

  • Compare the difference between accessibility-driven solutions vs. remediative action.
  • Learn how to leverage native HTML to create accessible components.
  • Explore tooling available for React to prevent or resolve some accessibility mistakes.