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Creating Your Web Accessibility Team

taught by: Sumner Davenport

Session Summary

How to maximize your time, efforts and profit earning potential by recruiting your own Web Accessibility team.


As more small business owners, Solopreneurs and Freelance web persons recognize the need and are approached to remediate websites for Accessibility, many become stressed to get the work done because of their limitations of knowledge, expertise and time. Some people are perfectly content with being a do-it-all person, however, this solitary approach also limits you from reaching the fullest profit potential of your business.

Proper web Accessibility remediation requires knowledge to recognize the errors and reveal what needs to be done, ability and expertise to perform the necessary actions and the time to complete the project. With everyone working under the same 24/7  time limitations, it can be a slow or overwhelming process for one individual to do all the work. A profitable solution is to work with a strong team. Working with a competent team can help a small business person to get more Accessibility remediation projects completed with greater efficiency and increasing the growth and profits of your business.

Many Solopreneurs, Freelancers and small business owners don’t know how to recruit and profitably manage a team focused on web Accessibility.

In this workshop:

  • The mindset of teamwork
  • How to identify your needs
  • How to locate and attract the right people
  • Everyone getting paid
  • How to Onboard and Train
  • Goals and Benchmarks
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Overcoming conflicts between team members
  • Growth and profitability

Practical Skills

  • Vetting and onboarding a productive team
  • Goals and benchmarks
  • Measuring profitability