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ARIA Foundations, Patterns and Components

taught by: Dennis Lembree

Session Summary

Learn all about ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications) from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. Many use cases with examples will be examined in this comprehensive session.


This session covers a wide range of topics for learning and implementing ARIA (Accessible Rich Internet Applications); from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. First, ARIA is defined and the Accessibility Tree is explained. Foundational rules for using ARIA are then covered including general coding best practices and the W3C’s Five Rules of ARIA. Many common use cases of ARIA with examples are examined including landmarks, labelling elements, describing elements, and the difference between the checked, selected, and pressed states. More advanced techniques involving components are then explained including common patterns such as disclosure, modal dialog, and tabpanel.

Practical Skills

  • Understand foundational best practices and rules for coding with ARIA.
  • Know the numerous common ARIA use cases and techniques
  • Learn how ARIA is implemented in several types of components.