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Accessibility Testing for Developers and Q&A

taught by: Michael Moore
co-presented by: Crystal Gonzales

Session Summary

Presents an object and functional based approach to comprehensive accessibility testing that provides actionable feedback to development teams.


The class will demonstrate how to use a requirements driven approach to organizing and conducting accessibility testing. The course will present the testing framework used by Texas HHS to review complex web applications, informational websites, and training platforms for compliance with WCAG by focusing on how something should be built and perform rather than on individual WCAG success criteria.

We have found that this approach makes it easier for developers to duplicate test results and for less experienced testers to perform tests consistently and accurately.

The course will present our framework which includes accessibility requirements for different web components, test scripts for testing those components, a reporting template for presenting results, and a methodology for assigning severity to guide prioritization. We will also cover how our process has evolved over time and our approach to continuous improvement.

Practical Skills

  • Developing test based accessibility requirements for various web components
  • Creating test scripts that maximize testing efficiency and repeatability
  • Reporting results in language developers understand and that are easily transferable to defect tracking systems.