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A Deep Dive Into WCAG 2.2’s New Test Rules

taught by: Wilco Fiers
co-presented by: Shadi Abou-Zahra

Session Summary

Learn how ACT rules help you, and the tools you use, and how we can work together to answer the tough questions in WCAG.


WCAG 2.2 will introduce new test rules, written using the ACT Rules Format. In this class, taught by ACT co-facilitators Wilco Fiers and Mary Jo Mueller, and W3C staff contact Shadi Abou-zahra teach you what these ACT rules are, how they work, and how testing tools, and methodologies (like Trusted Tester) use them to provide more consistently in accessibility testing. We will do this by going through example ACT rules, and towards the end we will work with students to come up with a few rules of their own.

Practical Skills

  • Understand the importance of improving consistency in WCAG testing across the web accessibility industry.
  • Understand how ACT rules help test tools and methodologies produce more consistent outcomes.
  • Understand the fundamentals of how an ACT rule works, how it fits into WCAG testing, and at a high level what is involved in writing them.