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5 things Every Beginner Should Know About WordPress Accessibility

taught by: Joe A Simpson Jr

Session Summary

How do you begin your journey with Accessibility? Join WordPress Community Deputy and Speaker Joe Simpson as we look at the five key things EVERY a11y advocate should know.


During this session, we'll cover the basics of accessibility with the beginner in mind by looking at 5 key subjects every advocate should have in their tool chest. Here we'll cover the history of WCAG and its positive impact on how businesses provide website information to all customers, how handling images, videos, choosing a theme the right way, and website building in WordPress with a focus on accessibility.

Practical Skills

  • Why accessibility should matter to you (and your clients) by understanding WCAG's purpose. Stats about our website accessibility, temporary disabilities, and as we age.
  • How you can make an immediate impact once you leave this session today using these five things.
  • How to use basic WordPress (accessibility-ready themes, plugins, accessibility statement, plugins, etc) and browser tools to test your work.