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The Past, Present, and Future of Web Accessibility – Lessons Learned from WebAIM Million

taught by: Jared Smith

Session Summary

The WebAIM Million analysis of the home pages for the top one million web sites (plus many other interior) pages provides a powerful perspective on the current state of web accessibility and its progress over the last year. This webinar will explore the critical findings of this research and the most impactful issues for users with disabilities, as well as data-driven recommendations for improving web accessibility in the future.


The WebAIM Million is an annual accessibility analysis of the home pages for the top one million web sites. This research provides great insight into the current state and trends in accessibility, as well as details on how accessibility might be influenced by site content, web page language, technologies used, etc. This session will provide an overview of the research with focus on accessibility trends and recommendations. Opportunities to ask questions will be provided.