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Novel Ways To Influence Design For Inclusive Solutions

taught by: Charu Pandhi
co-presented by: Hope Turner

Session Summary

Design is the intent behind an outcome. Explore novel 3D tactile design ideas to bring human-centered designs to life, shaping the possible for all.


Design is the intent behind an outcome. Human-centered outcomes require empathy for the people you serve, at IBM we have the Enterprise Design Thinking framework to support us in this effort. At the heart of this framework, is a behavioral model, for discovering users’ needs and envisioning a better future: a continuous loop of observing, reflecting, and making.

In this session, we will:

  • Explore using the IBM Enterprise Design Thinking framework in creating inclusive and empathetic design solutions.
  • Discuss the problems that designers have with creating and using personas who have disabilities or diverse abilities.
  • Review innovative approaches using new 3D tactile methods, that allow people with disabilities, the opportunity to be active participants in the design process

Practical Skills

  • Understand user’s needs and form intent: Use the IBM Enterprise Design Thinking process to explore the design phase and understand user needs through personas for all kinds of people also taking into consideration people with permanent and temporary disabilities.
  • Who are we solving the problem for? What is the problem? and WOW - deliver successful and inclusive outcomes at speed and scale in an agile fashion.

Presentation Materials