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No Autocraptions Allowed: Why and How to Caption Videos

taught by: Meryl Evans

Session Summary

Great captions for videos require more than just capturing all audio. Learn how and what it takes to create awesome captions.


When Meryl started making videos, she wanted to caption them. As a self-employed professional, she worried about the investment to make this happen. Through trial-and-error, she figured out how to caption videos. After creating many videos, her first captioned videos made her cringe. That’s because she kept learning how to improve the captioning. The best captions don’t simply capture audio. They apply current best practices. With more captioning DIY apps coming out, it has led to a lot of bad captions.

Get your captioning questions answered by the person who depends on them. You’ll learn:

  • Aside from accessibility (obvi!), why do I want to caption my videos?
  • Why does the difference between captions and sub-titles (typical of foreign films) matter?
  • Open vs. Closed Captions: What is the difference and which should I use?
  • What are my options for captioning my videos?
  • How do I create awesome captions?

Practical Skills

  • Reasons you want to caption your videos
  • How to add captions
  • How to create awesome captions

Presentation Materials