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Implementing Accessibility Strategically

taught by: Jeff Kline

Session Summary

This course will cover IT Accessibility at an organization side, strategic level and will cover a number of topics key to a successful accessibility program.


While laws, regulations and standards for making IT accessible have been in effect for over a decade, adoption in both public and private sectors has been painfully slow. One overarching inhibitor to IT accessibility that is rarely identified, even when an organization is relatively committed to make its products and services accessible, is that the organization itself is not enabled for addressing IT accessibility in all its dimensions. When considering the accessibility of ALL of an organization’s IT including external products, services, and its complex internal IT environment, procurement, e-learning, etc., a comprehensive, holistic approach needed.

This course will deal with IT Accessibility at a strategic level and will cover a number of key topics including:

  • Accessibility policy
  • Accessibility organizational structure
  • Program costs and funding models
  • Collaborative teams
  • Technical considerations
  • IT Procurements
  • Setting priorities
  • Implementation tools and operating plans

Practical Skills

  • Understanding of the key elements needed to organize, plan and implement an accessibility program
  • Understanding of the use Policy as a strategic tool to guide an Accessibility program
  • Understanding of how to improve Accessibility in Procurement