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Commonly Seen Accessibility Errors

taught by: Becky Gibson

Session Summary

Do you code HTML or generate content for the Web? Chances are you have created some accessibility barriers. This presentation will review common accessibility errors and show you how to avoid them.


Awareness about Web accessibility and digital inclusion is increasing – yeah! While people have heard of including alt text, adding labels to form fields, and using proper headings, they still make basic accessibility errors.

This presentation will review common accessibility errors surrounding alt text, form labels, link text, structure, and more which are still common on many websites. Come learn ways to address these issues. This session will look at real-world examples of common errors and review the proper implementations in HTML and via a common content management system (CMS) where applicable.

Practical Skills

  • review common accessibility errors
  • provide valid accessibility techniques
  • demonstrate the impact of accessibility errors on people with disabilities

Presentation Materials