Introducing a series to help philanthropists understand how and why to communicate with accessibility in mind.

Two women looking and pointing at the screen of a Macbook laptop.

A few weeks ago, I complained loudly about the philanthropic and NPO support organizations that fail to meet the access requirements that allow people with disabilities to participate equally. It later occurred to me that perhaps it is a simple lack of awareness. Maybe these organizations have not thought about it and just don’t know how simple it is to be more inclusive in their online outreach and communications. At Knowbility, we have more than 20 years of proof that education is essential to solving problems like these. So we’re kicking off a series to help everyone in the social services sector understand what they can do to meet their own goals of digital equity and inclusion.

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Through testing, training, strategic planning, and policy development services, Knowbility empowers our clients to achieve and maintain their web accessibility goals. Since 2002, we’ve helped hundreds of corporations, nonprofits, educational organizations, and government agencies improve their digital offerings and become more inclusive. Learn how we can help your organization join the club.