Accessibility Testing and Technical Solutions

Knowbility provides a wide range of accessible web design and development services to help you get your web site and technology products up to compliance standards. Over the past eighteen years, we have helped literally hundreds of corporations, education institutions, government agencies and nonprofit companies achieve their accessibility goals through testing, training, strategic planning and policy development services.

Our experts are internationally recognized for their role in creating the worldwide standard for web accessibility implementation and training. When we work with you on a project, our goal is to teach-as-we-go. We want your team to incorporate good accessibility practices into your processes and become independent, i.e. able to sustain accessibility into the future.


Knowbility's team of web accessibility professionals is, arguably, the most knowledgeable in the field. They do testing right. They maintain the highest standards and will make sure you know how to make your site truly accessible.

Jim Thatcher, Ph.D., Accessibility Expert & Author

Accessibility Testing and Auditing

Knowbility performs Expert Manual testing to show you what the accessibility barriers are on your site or app and how to remove them. First, we do a preliminary review of your site to determine sample screens to test. Sample screens will have elements that should be made accessible wherever they occur throughout the site. Choosing sample screens eliminates redundancy in testing and reporting and reduces cost. If you have areas of your site that you're particularly concerned about, let us know and we'll be happy to include them in our testing.

After we’ve chosen sample screens, one of our accessibility expert looks at each of them and reports the accessibility barriers/errors according to WCAG 2.0 AA and Section 508 standards. Our experts are often assisted by native screen reader users to help parse problematic issues and determine best approaches for accessibility and usability.

Report Documentation

Test results are presented in a two-part report showing the sample screens with Pass/Fail status for WCAG 2.0 AA compliance checkpoints, along with an Issues Summary document with discussion of the accessibility errors, what each means and how to fix it (to the code level when necessary). After we deliver the accessibility report, we do a Q&A type conference call to explain the issues and fixes so your team is confident and comfortable implementing those technical solutions.


After your team has followed our report recommendations we are happy to go back and re-rest the sample pages (at ½ the testing rate) to make sure there are no remaining accessibility errors/barriers, i.e. you did the fixes right.


If, after re-testing, all of the accessibility issues discovered during the first test have been remediated properly, that is there are no accessibility barriers on those sample screens, we will issue a letter of validation stating that fact. These letters of validation have been used many times in structured settlements and are perfectly sufficient for legal purposes

Automated Accessibility Testing

Knowbility is familiar with, and has experience using the best automated testing tools on the market. We are happy to run auto-tests according to your specifications.

Document Accessibility

Knowbility has a team of document accessibility specialists with eight years’ experience creating and remediating documents to make them accessible. Our team has worked on literally thousands of PDF and MS Office docs, complex and simple, and of almost unimaginable variety, making them accessible to users of assistive technology and fully compliant for government agencies, corporations and educational institutions throughout the country. Our document experts are also available to train your staff in accessible document creation and remediation. Below are some links to resources to help you understand document accessibility.


Knowbility began as an accessibility training organization and this is one of the things we do best and love to do! We have catalog of 17 instructor-lead, hands-on accessibility trainings that we can deliver as-is or customize to suit your needs. Our instructors are some of the most respected accessibility experts in world. Many are experienced teachers and all of them are eager to give you the tools for accessibility independence. Our trainings are typically delivered on-site at our customer's’ facility for groups of 15. Please contact us for course details and, if you’d like, we can create a course just for you.

  • Accessibility, Inclusion, and Universal Design
  • Web Accessibility 101
  • Integrated Accessibility – the Project Manager’s Workshop
  • Designing for Beauty and Accessibility
  • Accessibility and the Dynamic Web
  • Standards, Guidelines, Testing, and Best Practices
  • Building a Distributing Digital Accessibility Program
  • Accessibility – What Not to Do
  • Developing Accessibility Policy
  • Basic Web Accessibility Testing with JAWS
  • Advanced Web Accessibility Testing with JAWS
  • Accessible Web Forms
  • Cascading Style Sheets and Accessibility
  • Intro to Accessible Javascript
  • ASP.NET and Accessibility
  • Accessible MS Office Documents
  • PDF Accessibility using Adobe Acrobat
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