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  1. How to Stop Opening Links in New Windows without Warning

    by Nicolas Steenhout

    Links opening in new windows are an accessibility barrier we find on most websites we audit. These barriers are problematic for many people. The good news is that there’s an easy fix! Some people recommend opening in-domain links in the same window, and opening a new window for off-domain links....

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  2. AccessWorks Usability Tester Showcase: Kevin Shaw

    For several years now, Knowbility has recruited people with disabilities to participate in paid usability studies. We’ve added hundreds of people from the United States and Canada to our AccessWorks user testing panel. These are people who can test the usability and accessibility of websites and mobile apps. As an...

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  3. The Impact of In-Person Usability Demos

    by Christi Barker

    I was first introduced to accessibility as a volunteer at AccessU this past May. Despite just completing a full-stack coding boot camp and having experience with front-end web development, prior to the conference, my knowledge of web accessibility was nonexistent. However, during AccessU, I had the opportunity to sit in...

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  4. Keyboard Testing Basics

    by Robert Jolly

    Keyboard testing is one of the most efficient, impactful, and easy tasks that any team member can do to find accessibility issues. Unfortunately, it’s often not done—perhaps because people simply don’t know about this. Ignorance is bliss until it comes back to bite you later on. a woman’s hands typing...

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  5. Knowbility at TPAC 2018

    Knowbility is committed to making the web a better, more inclusive place. Part of this commitment is being a member of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) – the standards body for the web. W3C held their Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee (TPAC) meeting in Lyon, France. We sent Executive...

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