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Q&A: Getting From Here to Here: Building a Circle of Accessibility.

taught by: Matthew Thompson

Session Summary

You've made your website compliant, but what should you do next? We'll break down the steps to follow to maintain accessibility.


This is not a full presentation. This is a Q&A for the pre-recorded session available to attendees in our Learning Center. Please watch the recording prior to attending the Q&A session.

Creating an accessible school website is a challenge and once you've met it, you will want to maintain it. Keeping your site accessible can soon become an even bigger challenge and in this session, we will look at some specific steps you can take to help get the job done. Throughout the year, we follow a set of guidelines and checkpoints that help us "reset" our site and ensure we are maintaining accessibility standards. I'll lay them out for you and show you what we do to keep our site compliant.

Practical Skills

  • The learner will identify 3 challenges for maintaining web accessibility.
  • The learner will identify strategies for locating and remediating non-compliant web elements.
  • The learner will identify actionable steps that can be implemented to maintain web accessibility.