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Q&A: Best Practices for Supporting Students with Learning Disabilities in the Classroom

taught by: Monica McHale-Small
co-presented by: Cindy Cipoletti

Session Summary

This session will describe strategies teachers can use to harness strengths and support and accommodate struggling students, including students with learning disabilities.


This is not a full presentation. This is a Q&A for the pre-recorded session available to attendees in our Learning Center. Please watch the recording prior to attending the Q&A session.

Teachers know when their students are struggling but often at a lost as to what to do as they wait for these students to make their way through what is often a long referral and evaluation process. There are many strategies that can be implemented prior to IEP development or in addition to the IEP that can boost the success of all students. The session will also cover how harnessing students strengths can lead to more learner engagement. This session will be presented from the perspective of a parent and also of an educator.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will be able to list some ways students hide their struggles from their teachers and peers.
  • Participants will learn specific classroom / teaching strategies that can boost success for all learners.
  • Participants will learn about tools and strategies for harnessing student strengths.