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Q&A: AT JOT: A Novel, Fast, and Engaging Approach to Micro Professional Development

taught by: Mitch Galbrath
co-presented by: Mary Keeney, Laura Wooten-LaFranier, Margaret Egan

Session Summary

In response to the pandemic, a state education agency AT Team developed a series of trainings using a novel format designed to be convenient and beneficial for busy professional. Come to this session to learn how you can replicate this PD model in your setting.


This is not a full presentation. This is a Q&A for the pre-recorded session available to attendees in our Learning Center. Please watch the recording prior to attending the Q&A session.

In response to Arizona's public and Charter School districts’ needs during uncertain and ever-changing pandemic teaching environments, Arizona Department of Education exceptional student services assistive technology specialists developed a novel delivery model of virtual professional development for busy, overworked, and overwhelmed staff. Assistive Technology: Just One Thing (AT JOT) was born. AT JOTS provided a way for staff to learn about quick, fun, low/no cost tools and strategies to support students, regardless of the learning environment. Come to this session to learn how you can replicate this PD model in your setting.

Practical Skills

  • Describe at least 3 benefits of including “micro” learning activities when planning professional development events.
  • Identify 3 key components of an effective statewide delivery model of virtual micro professional development activities.
  • Identify 3 potential barriers, and proposed solutions, to implementing this delivery model effectively.