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Trends in K-12 Assistive Technology: Part Two

taught by: Carye Edelman, NeCol Roager, Shira Goldberg

Session Summary

This 2 part presentation is tailored for teachers and other professionals working with students with disabilities in the K-12 environment. In previous years, the assistive technologies that were available were highly specialized. Today’s educational environment contains mainstream technologies that can be adapted or fitted with assistive technology for students. Through the lens of students with disabilities, we will explore mainstream technology tools that are becoming the future of assistive technology, and how they support these students. Part One will explore tools built into the operating systems of Mac OS, Windows OS and Office 365 tools. In Part Two, we will explore Chrome Browser extensions, Google Work Space, and iOS (iPad) tools.

Practical Skills

  • Participants will have a better understanding of struggling readers, struggling writers, and students with low incidence disabilities. Participants will also understand the technologies that allow these students to access the curriculum. Participants will be empowered to make decisions about technology to support a universally designed learning environment.