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  1. AccessWorks interns join the blogroll

    As part of a project called AccessWorks, Knowbility has hired people with disabilities to perform web site accessibility assessment, research employment related topics on the web, and to blog about their experiences.  While our interns have found a great deal of documentation out there about  barriers to accessing information online,...

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  2. John Slatin Accessibility Fund Project

    Andrew Kirkpatrick from Adobe had a brilliant idea for doing two good things at once. He wanted to honor John Slatin's memory by spreading the accessibility gospel and to help Anna, John's best beloved meet the enormous expenses they incurred through John's illness. Andrew came up with the John Slatin...

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  3. John Meyer Slatin (1952 -2008)

    I am stunned by the passing of John Slatin, beloved colleague and mentor to me and so many others. John died on March 24th, 2008 of leukemia and left family, friends and colleagues devastated by the loss. Despite his long illness, we continued to believe that he would remain among...

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  4. More reflections on SXSW and accessibility

    There were more accessibility panels, and mentions of accessibility in other presentations than at any other time that I recall. Susan Gerhart is a software engineer who was at SXSW for the first time as a panelist. She has lost her sight to eye disease over the past several years...

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  5. What was I thinking?

    Kelsey Ruger convinced me that Knowbility needed to blog as a way to participate in and share all the great momentum around accessibility these days. But to start a blog during SXSW was one of the least thought-through things I have done in a while. Sooooo much is happening and...

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