The 34th CSUN Assistive Technology Conference will be held in Anaheim, California from March 11-15. Executive Director Sharron Rush), folks from our tech team, and Knowbility board members will be there in full force. Here’s a list of sessions we’ll be leading or co-presenting. Note that every session will be at the Anaheim Marriott and lasts 40 minutes.

Accessibility Elders: Honoring Wisdom, Embracing Change, Ensuring a Future

Orange County 3
March 13, 2:20 PM

Executive Director Sharron Rush will join Microsoft’s Wendy Chisholm and Cantor Accessibility’s Alan Cantor in a discussion focusing on the ways that current practitioners can influence the future of accessibility.

The EU Accessibility Quiz

Platinum 6
March 13, 2:20 PM

Come by and learn about the state of accessibility in Europe from our Eric Eggert and Deque’s Wilco Fiers.

Think You Know Accessibility Stats?

Elite 1/2
March 14, 3:20 PM

Board member Katie Haritos-Shea) and Infoaxia’s Makoto Ueki share findings about the ways people with disabilities around the world use digital technology.

Revised Section 508 - Key Things You Need to Understand!

Elite 1/2
March 14, 4:20 PM

Board member Katie Haritos-Shea has the details on how government employees can become current with updated accessibility requirements.

Developing Web Accessibility Educational Resources with W3C WAI

Platinum 5
March 15, 9:00 AM

Our Eric Eggert joins the W3C’s Shawn Henry and Pearson’s Brent Bakken to explore education and outreach materials from the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative.

Survey Results on Impact of Certifications for Accessibility Professionals

Grand CD
March 15, 9:00 AM

Board member Katie Haritos-Shea will talk about a survey of accessibility professionals on attitudes towards certification.

Turning Engineers into Accessibility Champions

Platinum 10
March 15, 10:00 AM

Board member Jennison Asuncion and two of his LinkedIn colleagues will outline LinkedIn’s Accessibility Champions Program.