On June 9, a dozen volunteers from Deloitte’s Austin office spent the day at Knowbility as part of Impact Day, Deloitte’s annual day of service. They were tasked with improving Knowbility’s communications strategy for the upcoming OpenAIR competition.

Saira Guthrie, Senior Consultant at Deloitte, said that she and her fellow volunteers enjoyed their day with Knowbility.

“Spending Impact Day at Knowbility was a unique, rewarding opportunity for folks from all different groups of Deloitte to come together,” Guthrie said. “I feel proud of the tangible communications plans we drafted, and hope our work helps Knowbility to keep non-profit organizations more involved and engaged throughout the OpenAIR program from start to finish.”

The 2018 OpenAIR starts this fall. Undoubtedly, Deloitte’s help with our outreach plan will make this year's competition more enjoyable.