Actually the title of her talk is Legal Issues Behind Web Access:  The Law is a Key – Let’s use it!  There is still time to sign up and attend two days of practical web accessibility training in San Diego.  Read on for a preview of Lainey Feingold's unique and engaging perspective and come to AccessU to hear her keynote in person.

Lainey Feingold is excited to help kick-off the Monday morning session at AccessU at CSUN.  Her alternative presentation title is “Sh%t Folks Say to Web Accessibility Lawyers.”   Why? Because she wants to highlight the positive aspects of (drum-roll) the “LAW” and clear up some misconceptions people have about legal issues and how they relate to web access.

What kinds of things DO people say to web accessibility lawyers? Things like “the law is a blunt instrument – don’t use it if at all possible” or “I never mention the law – too negative.” Or “Talking about the law backfires -  I try to ignore it.”

Here are a few advance take-aways from the session:

  • The right to independently access, and interact with, information on the web is a civil right.  And it is a right written into both federal and state law in the U.S. and other countries.  (We’ll briefly talk about what those are.) Civil Rights are good – so why do so many people think of the law as bad?
  • There are lots of different ways to USE the law.  A lawsuit might be considered a punch in the stomach…  But other methods – like Structured Negotiations that Lainey practices – is more of an outstretched hand.  Lesson?  Don’t confuse the “what” of the law with the “how” of the law
  • Legal strategy has been key to advancing web inclusivity.  There are lots of legal strategies – some don’t even involve lawyers!  We’ll talk about them all Monday morning in San Diego.

Lainey Feingold has been working on issues of web accessibility for over fifteen years.  She has negotiated web agreements with large institutions including Major League Baseball, American Cancer Society and Bank of America.  More information on the LF Legal website.  A short summary with links of all the press releases related to the web accessibility settlements she’s negotiated is found on her site as well.