Tuesday brought more lessons from SXSW Interactive.  A few of them follow in no particular order

  • Dewey Winburne may not have been a saint, but was certainly a genius
  • Undecided about the tradeshow mash-up, will know tomorrow
  • Accessibility barriers come from ignorance more often than neglect
  • LousSign interpreters are beautiful to watch in action
  • Lunch in a cone looks better than it is
  • Marshal McLuhan was envisioning the future as well as the past by saying "We shape our tools and thereafter our tools shape us"
  • Very large companies need accessibility guidance from 30,000 feet, building policy and folding it into process.
  • Impossible to spend too much time with brilliant, good hearted, fun-loving people
  • Common Twitter "I gave my iPad 2 money to #Japan relief."
  • Interactve awards emcee Chris Hardwick brilliantly made us laugh at oursleves, no matter where we are on the geek, nerd, celebrity watcher scale.

There's always more to come.