Made the jump from SXSW to CSUN and learned these lessons on Wednesday:

  • Glenda really is a good witch,  She and Deque's Wes Dillon worked a bit of magic on our behalf - thanks!
  • Lisa Herrod has great ideas about engaging web teams in accessibility by re-categorizing WCAG 2.0 into role-specific guidelines.  She is also lovely to travel with.
  • Kathy Martinez says the Department of Labor is engaged with industry to improve web accessibility as a way to increase employment of people with disabilities.
  • IBM is using WAI-ARIA techniques to create highly usable accessibility in social networks, wikis, forums, and blogs.  Let's hope others follow that lead!
  • Deque and The Paciello Group formed a working partnership to make the web more accessible, a force indeed!
  • The consequences of the recently enacted  21st Century Communications Act were felt. Today an announcement was made of a class action suit filed against Netflix for not captioning their streaming videos. Now can the law firm doing the work learn to make their PSF announcements accessible?
  • FireEyes is a robust, free accessibility testing tool that just keeps getting better.
  • Humana's Lisa Barnett and Elle Waters were articulate and excited about accessibility plans and progress at during the How to Eat an Elephant: Tackling Web Accessibility in a Large Corporation session.
  • Nothing is impossible.