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Monday brought us these lessons at SXSW:

  • Volunteers keep the world turning
  • Don't miss the train!
  • Nice to have Ed Ward back in Austin,
  • Molly Holtzschag (molly.com) is practical, insightful and has a heart as big as her smile.
  • if you decide to have a booth at the tradeshow, forget panels for most of the day.
  • deviantART space in room 7, level 3 is pretty close to nirvana
  • Screen readers can fool you into thinking they have a sense of humor
  • Steve G says " ...robotics is the ultimate in convergence of design, digital communications, IT, mechanical engineering, biology, and materials science."
  • Jared Spool has a big big brain (and is funny too!)
  • Gamers can be a grim bunch