Having access to online activities is no longer just a cool pastime...it is a necessity for equal education, employment and citizen interaction with government. If you haven’t ever tried operating a mouse without the use of your arms, read a website without your eyes, or listen to a webcast without hearing it, you may never have considered the challenges faced as people with disabilities try to access information and services from the Internet. For ten years, Knowbility has worked with communities across the country to raise awareness and improve access for more than 50 million Americans with disabilities and more than 750 million disabled people worldwide.

People like Derek Featherstone understand how fundamentally necessary it is for everyone to be able to access the opportunities of the web. That's why he has launched an IronMan campaign to raise awareness and funds to support Knowbility's important programs. In schools, workplaces, and communities all over the world Knowbility is making a real difference.  Whether for children with disabilities in schools, wounded veterans trying to rebuild their lives, or others with disabilities acquired at birth or through aging, Knowbility is transforming lives. Won't you help?
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I personally benefit directly from every effort to make the web more accessible. I have seen access to the web and technology positively affect my own life. I believe in Knowbility’s mission and feel honored to be part of such a wonderful organization. We may never know exactly how many doors are opened for people with disabilities as a result of Knowbility’s efforts, but there are still countless websites out there with accessibility barriers that need some assistance. Knowbility is more than happy to help!

Join me in supporting Derek’s campaign and “pump him up!” Donating is easy, very painless with only a few steps, and yes, it is fully accessible! I was able to complete the process in under 5 minutes using Jaws. So take a little time and give to a very worthy cause. Help Knowbility continue to defeat the barriers to accessibility!