A few months ago, I posted a blog entry about solving captchas.  I sited a service that works through FireFox called Webvism, which made captcha solving a breeze. The only catch for me was that I am a comfortable Internet Explorer user and had to have both that browser as well as FireFox loaded onto my machine. In my experience since then, the only time I use FireFox is when I’m signing up for something and need a captcha solved.

While Webvism is a very viable and relatively easy solution, I found another service that you may be interested in. It is called Solona and is a project dedicated to the solving of captchas. This will work on any web browser, but the process is very different from Webvism. With Solona, there are actual live operators standing by to solve your captchas for you. Once you have discovered a site where a solved captcha is needed, you find the image and print it to a file. There are detailed instructions as to how you can do this with both Windows and Apple. After you have saved your image file, you send it to Solona and wait for the operator to solve your captcha and return the results to you. It seems a lot more complicated, but a good solution if you simply cannot use FireFox and Webvism.