Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd live with someone who couldn't see. My roommate is not completely blind but he can't see past his feet. The first few weeks of living with him I treated him as if he was completely blind telling him where things were, worrying about him in the grocery store when we went shopping, and not letting him out of my sight because he'll never see me again if we got more then 9 feet away. I'm not sure if he laughs at that now or rolls his eyes. Like most blind people my roommate is very self sufficient. I believe when I first moved in I was nerves. I wasn't sure how much to help him or not. I'm naturally helpful and didn't realize I was being overly helpful and that it annoyed him. I naturally feel silly now for constantly tying to watch out for him, like a mom or something. It wasn't till about 3 weeks in did I start letting go of the instinct to do everything for him. I wasn't thinking of putting myself in his shoes and how annoying I could be. Now me and my roommate constantly joke about him being blind and a total nerd. More on him being a nerd and living off cereal and how he really needs to take one of his dairy cows home from his dad's farm, because he literally goes through gallon a day. Honestly I have to remind myself now that he's visually impaired. He's just like a regular roommate I just can't expect him to know what's in my hand from across the room or how I look before going out. :P